We provide real estate solutions that enhance the environment surrounding them through functionality and good taste.

Belisla is a company made up of Spanish and international partners and professionals with extensive experience in sectors including real estate development, engineering and construction, investment banking and venture capital, strategic consulting and business management.

Belisla is an open-minded company based on the principles of independence, entrepreneurship, partnership, innovation and flexibility.
Our segment is the middle-market, a space for growth, for new ambitions, and for creative and innovative spirits.

We grow with our clients, share their mentality and build long-term relationships with them.

Belisla also intervenes horizontally in all business areas that can create value for its clients throughout the real estate sector, providing a unique consulting service that adds value, including a wide range of different initiatives such as direct investment, fundraising, buying and selling assets, real estate management, structured finance consulting, development management, etc.